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Can My Job Only Train Men For Jobs? I Need The Best Gender Discrimination Lawyer In Ohio!

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2016 | Employment Discrimination, Gender Discrimination, Sexual Harassment |

Best Ohio Gender Discrimination Attorney Answer: Can I sue my employer for continually promoting men over more qualified women? What if my employer has a promotion policy that favors male employees over female employees? Can my boss delay training female employees much longer than male employees?

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At Spitz, The Employee’s Law Firm, our employment lawyers work every day on discrimination issues that center around gender. Many of the issues surround workplaces that favor male employees and allow male employee many more opportunities to advance to higher, and better paying positions. In fact, you may have read about some particularly noteworthy gender discrimination issues here on this employment discrimination blog. (See My Job Promoted A Less Qualified Man!; Can I Be Fired Because My Boss Doesn’t Think I’m Feminine Enough? Can I Still Bring A Gender Discrimination Claim If I Am Forced To Quit?).

But what happens when an employer has a specific policy dealing with gender-specific training programs? What if these policies are resulting in men getting advanced in the workplace much faster than their female counterparts because they have better training? A Missouri employer, New Prime Trucking, Inc., ran into a huge amount of trouble when its gender-specific training program came under fire. Prime Trucking’s issues stem all the way back to 2004 when it was sued regarding sexual harassment of a female trainee from her male trainer. In response, Prime Trucking decided it would be best to institute a new policy where male trainees had to be trained by male trainers and female trainees had to be trained by female trainers. Make sense? Not so much. Under this stupid setup, the employer was essentially saying that putting male sexual harassment trainers in charge of training females will automatically result in the men sexually harassing the women. I mean, if even male sexual harassment trainers cannot stop themselves from sexual harassing women during sexual harassment training, what hope is there in this world?

Instead of simply hiring qualified sexual harassment trainers to train all its employees not to sexually harass each other in the workplace, Prime Trucking made it mandatory for female trainees to be trained by other females, and males to be trained by males. The big issue? Prime Trucking never got around to hiring enough female trainers. Female trainees would have to wait up to 18 month to be assigned to a female trainer, because Prime Trucking did not have enough female trainers, while male trainees would immediately be assigned to one of Prime Trucking’s many male trainers. This resulted in male trainees almost being guaranteed employment while female trainees were routinely sent away because the unavailability of female trainers.

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Having already been sued once, don’t you think that this employer would at least run this scheme by its employment defense lawyers? Nope. As Forest Gump once famously said, “Stupid is as stupid does.

Prime Trucking’s complete mishandling of a sexual harassment training surely cost them. As a result of its short-sighted discriminatory training policy, Prime Trucking was forced to pay a huge sum of money. In the end, Prime Trucking had to pony up $3,000,000 and promise that it would get rid of it discriminatory same-sex training policy. This obviously could have all been avoided at multiple points since Prime Trucking first ran into trouble with the 2004 sexual harassment complaint.

The best policy would have been to put measures in place to ensure that male trainers could co-exist with female trainees without sexual harassment occurring. That would have allowed female trainees to flourish in the company without the fear of being sexually harassed. Or, at the very least, Prime Trucking could have hired enough female trainers so female trainees did not have to wait around for years and could have the opportunity to get trained and move up the ranks of the company.

All in all, Prime Trucking handled the situation about are poorly as possible. If there is any discriminatory policies going on at your workplace, or if female employees are routinely being prevented from advancing, you need to contact a seasoned employment attorney as soon as possible.

If you feel that you are being discriminated based on your gender or sex, then call the right attorney. It is never appropriate to discriminate against female employees. Discrimination against women includes being harassed, fired, wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, demoted, wrongfully disciplined, denied a promotion, and denied wages or not receiving equal pay. When you call the right attorney to schedule a free and confidential consultation at 866-797-6040, you will meet with an attorney from Spitz, The Employee’s Law Firm to discuss wrongful discrimination claims and help you determine the best way to pursue your gender/sex discrimination claims.


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