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Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination

We Stand Up For All Employees

Our employment discrimination lawyers have the experience and strong conviction needed to fight unlawful employment discrimination no matter the size of the unlawfully discriminating employer. Employment discrimination comes in many forms, and our attorneys are here to give you a free and confidential evaluation of your potential employment discrimination claims.

Discrimination lawyers, particularly employment discrimination attorneys, often find themselves in the difficult position of having to explain the difference between an employer acting wrong and acting unlawfully. The intricacies of employment discrimination law, unlike other areas of law, require the guidance of skilled and experienced lawyers to navigate the handling discrimination claims.

Understanding Employment Discrimination

Not all employment discrimination is illegal. Under its common definition, discrimination is simply choosing between two alternatives. In order for the employment discrimination to be unlawful, there must be a specific and applicable law preventing the employer from discriminating on that basis. For example, discriminating against red-heads is not unlawful, but discriminating based on race is unlawful. Workplace discrimination against left-handed employees is not unlawful, but employment discrimination based on gender is unlawful. For all of you upset left-handed red-heads, employment lawyers don’t write the discrimination law, we just know them and how to fight for your rights under those anti-discrimination laws.

If you’ve got more in-depth questions around employment discrimination, we recommend you visit our FAQ, where we address many frequently asked questions around discrimination in employment.

Worried You’ve Experienced Employment Discrimination? Be Sure To Call The Right Attorney™

There are a lot of bosses and managers that are filled with hate and jealously. These employers have biases. Sometimes, these supervisors and owners are not even fully aware that they are acting in a manner that is prejudicial; and sometimes they are flaming bigots, racists, and/or sexist morons. Regardless, if you were treated or are being treated differently or unfairly at work based on your race, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation or because you have a disability, you may have a claim for unlawful discrimination.

The legal landscape for employees is tricky. Your employer has hired a team of lawyers to protect them. Our team of lawyers practices only employment litigation for employees. We are one of the largest employment law firms in the United States, which can provide you resources that you cannot get anywhere else. So, if you are looking for the “best employee’s rights lawyer near me,” call us now for a completely free and confidential initial consultation. You worked hard at your job, so let us work hard for you now.


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