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Employment Law 2014 In Review: Best Ohio Employment Lawyers

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2014 | Firm News |

Best Ohio Employment Discrimination Lawyer: Our top 2014 blogs on race, gender, age, national origin discrimination; sexual harassment; overtime wage; and more employment law issues.

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As we ring out 2014 to issue in the New Year of 2015, we take a moment to look back on some of our top employment blogs from the past year. But, first, our employment lawyers want to thank all of clients, opposing counsel and judges that we have worked with this past year. Now, with that said, here is our top 33 employment law blogs:

  1. My Boss Sexually Harassed Me At Our Christmas Party! Can I Sue? I Need A Lawyer!
  2. Can My Boss Stop Me From Saying “Merry Christmas” To Clients? Best Lawyer Reply
  3. My Racist Boss Says “Nigger,” “Wetback,” “Wagon Burner,” & “Beaner” All The Time! I Need A Lawyer!
  4. Can I Sue If My Boss Calls Black Workers “Monkeys” And “Slaves”? I Need A Race Discrimination Lawyer?
  5. Can My Company Require Me To Spend Time In Line At A Security Check After I Have Clocked Out For The Day? I Need A Wage Lawyer!
  6. Can My Boss Fire Me Because Customers Don’t Like That I’m Disabled? I Need A Lawyer!
  7. Can My Boss Make Work Thanksgiving Without Paying Me Extra? I Need A Wage Lawyer!
  8. My Boss Fired Older Workers To Save On Healthcare. Can I Sue For Age Discrimination? I Need A Lawyer In Ohio!
  9. Can I Sue Because My Boss Favors The Woman That He’s Having Sex With? I Need A Gender Discrimination Attorney!
  10. Does The Law Prohibit Black On Black Race Discrimination? I Need A Top Race Discrimination Lawyer In Ohio!
  11. I am being sexually harassed at work. I am not being paid overtime. Call Brian Spitz and the employment law attorneys at Spitz, The Employee’s Law Firm for a free initial consultation regarding you employment discrimination, wage and hour, and FMLA rights.What Are My Rights At Work If I Am Exposed To The Ebola Virus? I Need A Lawyer In Ohio!
  12. What Should I Do If My Boss Keeps Talking About My Cleavage? I Need A Sexual Harassment Lawyer In Ohio!
  13. Top Disability Discrimination Lawyer Reply: Can I Bring A Service Dog To Work As A Disability Accommodation Under The ADA?
  14. Can My Boss Penalize Me For Praying At Work? Top Religious Discrimination Lawyer Reply
  15. Top Employment Lawyer Reply: Can I Be Fired From A Religious Organization For Getting Fertilization Treatments?
  16. Top Gender Discrimination Lawyer Response: Can My Job Separate Men And Women To Prevent Sexual Harassment?
  17. Top Disability Discrimination Lawyer Reply: Can I Be Refused A Restaurant Job Because I’m HIV Positive?
  18. Top Ohio Religious Discrimination Lawyer Response: Can My Boss Make Me Participate In Bible Study?
  19. Top FMLA Lawyer Reply: Do Same-Sex Spouses Get Protection Under The Family Medical Leave Act?
  20. Top Wrongful Termination Attorney Reply: Can I Be Fired If Miss Work After Being Beaten By My Husband?
  21. Top Employment Lawyer Reply: Can Prospective Employers Require My Facebook Password?
  22. Top FLSA Lawyer Reply: Can My Job Withhold Service Charges Separate From My Tips?
  23. Top Sex Harassment Lawyer Reply: Am I Protected From Homosexual Harassment At Work?
  24. Top Wage Lawyer Response: Can A Restaurant Force Wait Staff To Share Their Tips With Kitchen Staff?
  25. Top Sex Harassment Lawyer Reply: What Should I Do If My Teenage Daughter’s Boss Touches Her?
  26. Best USERRA Attorney Reply: What Are My Rights When I Am Deployed For Active Military Duty?
  27. Disability Discrimination Attorney Top Reply: Can I Be Fired For Being Obese?
  28. Top Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer Reply: Can I Be Sent Home From Work Because I’m Pregnant?
  29. Best Wage & Hour Attorney Answer: Should I Be Paid For Snow Days?
  30. Lawyers’ Best Answer: When Does Name Calling Become Unlawful Discrimination?
  31. Sex Harassment Lawyer Best Answers: Can A Promiscuous Woman Still File Sexual Harassment Claims?
  32. Disability Lawyer’s Top Answers: Can My Boss Fire Me Because I’m Too Short?
  33. Wage Attorney Answers: Can My Job Clock Me Out When I Go Potty?

If you are searching “I need a lawyer because I have been wrongfully fired or terminated;” or “I have been discriminated against based on my …” race, national origin, gender, age, religion or disability; or even think that you might need an employment lawyer, then it would be best to call the right attorney to schedule a free and confidential consultation at 866-797-6040. Spitz, The Employee’s Law Firm and its attorneys are experienced and dedicated to protecting employees’ rights and solving employment disputes.


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