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Employment lawyers’ top, best 2013 blogs on race, gender, age, national origin discrimination; sexual harassment; overtime wage; and more employment law issues.

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Happy New Year from our employment attorneys at Spitz, The Employee’s Law Firm. It is at the start of 2014 that we typically look ahead while appreciating the year that has been.  Here are some of our favorite employment law blogs for 2013:

  1. Race Discrimination: Using The “N-Word,” Even Once, Can Create A Hostile Work Environment.
  2. Wage & Overtime: Does iWait Time Violate FLSA?
  3. Racial Discrimination: Firing Blacks For Being Blonde Is Unlawful
  4. High Costs Caused By Employment Defense Lawyers
  5. Is Hugging Sexual Harassment? Am I Being Sexually Harassed?
  6. An Employment Lawyer’s Merry Christmas
  7. Disability Discrimination: The Great Free Parking Debate
  8. Sexual Harassment: Our Teen Workforce At Risk
  9. Race Discrimination: Minority Bosses Cannot Use N-Word Either
  10. Cleveland, Ohio, best, top, lawyer, attorney, law firm, attorny, employment, discrimination, discriminate, harrass, harrassment, harass, harassing, race, gender, sex, age, wrongfully, fired, terminatedRace Discrimination: Not Allowed Even At Gentlemen’s Clubs (Strip Clubs)
  11. Racial Discrimination: Defendant Who Argued That The Term “Nigger” and “Monkey” Not “Slurs But, Rather, As Terms Of Endearment” Shockingly Loses, Pays Large Sum Of Money.
  12. Retaliation: Now That’s A Lot Of Waffles!
  13. Religious Discrimination: Employers Don’t Talk To God.
  14. Get An Employment Lawyer: The Law Does Not Give-Do Overs
  15. Race Discrimination: Customers Are Not Always Right (Part III)
  16. Disability Discrimination: Odor Sensitivity Can Be A Disability Under ADA
  17. Employment Spookery: Bathroom Laws At Work
  18. Non-Competition Agreement: By the Power of The Contract, The Arbitrator Has The Power!
  19. Gender Discrimination: Firing An Employee For Looking Like A “Tomboy” Is Unlawful Gender Discrimination
  20. Religious Discrimination: What exactly is “Religion”? Is Veganism A Protected Religion?
  21. Sexual Harassment: A Good Case To Dispel Myths
  22. Another F’ed Up Case (The F-Word Is Facebook)

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