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So who among us has talked to G-d … and actually gotten a verbal response? Depending on your faith, there’s Moses, Abraham, Isaac, David, Joshua, Jacob, and some others on the list that I’m probably forgetting. However, I’m pretty certain that Peggy Scruggs, a dietary services administrator for Senior Living Properties, is not one of them. According to the charge against Senior Living Properties, when Scruggs became Amanda Spalding’s superior, she revoked the religious accommodation that had previously been extended with the explanation that “God would her excuse her from this religious restriction because she worked in the health care field.” I’m pretty sure that is not part of the ten commandment, and I’m absolutely positive that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Ohio Unlawful Discriminatory Practice Statute, R.C. § 4112.99 do not have exceptions to allow the heath care field to discriminate based on religion. To make matters worse, the charge provided that Scruggs then told Spalding that if she would not work on Sundays, “there’s the door.”

Senior Living Properties paid $42,500 the claim and agreed to other injunctive relief.

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