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No one wakes up in the morning hoping to get wrongfully fired and need to hire an attorney. However, if you are searching “what should I do if I was fired from my job today,” the answer is to find the most experienced and best employment lawyers that you can find. This isn’t the time to rely on attorney that you met in Church that can figure out the employment laws as he or she goes. Just because your cousin works with a guy whose brother works at a law firm, does not make that the right way to go about picking an employment lawyer. Employment law is a specialty area of law. Most lawyers don’t practice in this area, and few know the intricacies of employment laws – indeed, most don’t even have a firm grasp on the basics. Let me put it this way, you don’t want your general practice doctor or chiropractor – as good as he or she may be – to handle your open-heart surgery. Employment law is the same.

The two big problems with non-employment lawyers are that that they typically lack the skill and experience to handle the claims to get the best results; and often cannot or do not provide honest evaluations of your potential claims. (Best Law Read: Why Having Skilled Employment Attorneys Is Critical; No, Employers Are Not Required To Accommodate All Disabilities).

The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit recently addressed the situation where an employment case was fumbled by the attorney. In Holt v. Pennsylvania, No. 21-2635, 2022 WL 3657183 (3d Cir. Aug. 25, 2022), the Third Circuit did not hold back: “Discovery in federal courts is liberal, but not everlasting. David Holt had a chance to get the things he wanted. But he was unable to scrounge up enough evidence to support his view of the facts. He now asks for a second shot at discovery. But he had a fair shot the first time around, even if his lawyer squandered it.Id. at *1 (Emphasis added). The Court was not done shading this attorney: “Holt’s lawyer let the discovery clock run out without deposing key witnesses. And though he got thousands of pages of documents, he kept supporting crucial arguments with little more than his client’s say-so. Still, the District Court extended discovery to accommodate scheduling issues and pushed back the deadline for dispositive motions too. Yet Holt’s lawyer failed once more to schedule the depositions he wanted.” Id.

Three years into the litigation, the employer moved to dismiss the employee’s race discrimination and retaliation claims and the District Court granted the motion because the employee had still not completed discovery. On the other side, the employer presented evidence and witnesses that showed that the employee was a “bully”; that he once left his loaded gun atop a soap dispenser in a highway bathroom; that he invited subordinate cops to take off their shirts and fight him; and that he used racial slurs, including to “go all ghetto” on a subordinate. While the employee denied this conduct, the attorney failed to depose any of the witnesses to at least see if he could create a question of whether the employer’s reason was a lie. (Best Law Read: Employment Discrimination Question: What Is Pretext?; How Do I Prove That My Employer Lied About Why I Was Fired?).

If you have been wrongfully fired; discriminated based on your race/color, religion, gender (including pregnancy and LGBTQ+ status), national origin, age, or disability; refused or fired for using FMLA leave right; or are being sexually harassed, don’t leave your employment claim to chance, hire the largest and most recognized employees’ law firm in our area.

Spitz, The Employee’s Law Firm is one of the most recognized and largest law firms dedicated to solely representing employees.

What should I do if I was fired today?

Best Employment Lawyer Answer: If you are searching “I need a lawyer because I have been wrongfully fired or terminated;” or “I have been discriminated against or harassed based on my …” race, national origin, gender, age, religion or disability; or even think that you might need an employment lawyer, then it would be best to call the right attorney to schedule a free and confidential consultation. (Read: What is the Spitz No Fee Guarantee?; Why Having Skilled Employment Attorneys Is Critical). Call our lawyers in Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Toledo, Cincinnati and Raleigh to get help now. Spitz, The Employee’s Law Firm and its experienced attorneys are dedicated to protecting employees’ rights and solving employment disputes.


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