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Coronavirus (Covid-19): Our Firm is Thinking of You and Your Families.

| Mar 16, 2020 | Coronavirus, Practice Areas |

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Our Firm is Thinking of You and Your Families.

Our employment law attorneys post daily blogs
that address both the law and morality of how employees should be treated.
Today, we broaden our thoughts to everyone out there who is being impacted by
the Coronavirus pandemic – which is everyone. From the high risk elderly and
infirm to the families that are stuck at home, our lawyers, managers, and staff
are thinking of you, praying for you.

Even though we deal with many stupid employers every day, I am still astounded by the idiots out there that are not taking this Coronavirus seriously. Amazingly, I have talked to people who are bitching and complaining about life inconveniences when others are dying.

That being said, we take the inconveniences
and delays in our clients’ cases very seriously. We are doing everything we can
to push cases forward during this trying time. This includes making sure that
all of our employees, not just our attorneys, can work remotely, both with
remote phones and access to our network. That being said, there will be delays
as some opposing counsel are not working and some courts are working on a
reduced capacity. I can promise you this, we are trying our best. If you have
questions, email is the best option, but we will do our best to handle phone
calls as well.

As always, wash your hands,  isolate, and
stay well.

Brian D. Spitz, Esq., Managing partner