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Best Employment Discrimination Attorney Answers to: What should I do if I fired for being too old? How can I sue my boss for being racist? Can I get help with my sex discrimination in the workplace?

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Our age discrimination attorneys are usually blogging questions about what goes wrong in the workplace. Our lawyers regularly discuss violations of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”) and Ohio’s age discrimination laws. It is unfortunate that employers often refuse to hire older workers or fire them when they get too old; throwing them out like used rags that can no longer serve a purpose.

To avoid being completely cynical, it is always nice when we come across a good story about a boss that realizes the value of hiring and keeping older workers. Here is just one such story about Morris Miller, a 25 year employee of a McDonald’s franchise in Needham, Massachusetts – who just celebrated his 100th birthday. Your math is right. Miller started at 75. When the “old” guy was hired, he worked the fast pace counter and did the heavy lifting like everyone else. When he turned 90, the McDonald’s franchise accommodated his need to stop the heavy lifting and made him a guest greater. Miller made such an impact in that role that customers returned more often just to visit with him. Sometimes, the right thing is finding value in what older employees can do and how their experience helps. Instead of firing Miller when he turned 100, his boss gave him a bonus check for $500, threw him a party, and ran 100 cent specials to celebrate his birthday.

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In reading this article, my faith in humanity and employers started to rise again. Well, that was until I saw the link to another article: “Wheelchair-bound man banned from restaurant for being DISABLED by owner who refuses to serve ‘freaks’.” This cretin actually wore a t-shirt demeaning blacks, women, Muslims and women to the news interview. Of course he denied discriminating based on disability, explaining that he did not want any “f@gg*ts” in his establishment. Well, I’m back to being a cynic. Let me tell you about race discrimination, religious discrimination, gender discrimination

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