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Sometimes our judicial system gives us legal outcomes that just make you laugh…or cry, depending on your point of view. This case illustrates one such example.

About two years ago, activists who were part of the Occupy movement at the University of California, were caught on video being pepper sprayed by Lt. John Pike of the UC Davis campus police after they had sat down and refused orders by offices to leave the area.

The video of Davis pepper spraying the Occupy members went viral, causing Davis to receive more than 17,000 threatening emails and over 10,000 similar texts as well as letters accosting him for his conduct. As a result, Davis filed a Worker’s Compensation claim with his employer, seeking benefits for what he classified as a “psychiatric injury” that he had suffered from receiving all of these angry and threatening communications. Call him crazy, but Davis won.

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Recently, Davis was awarded $38,000 in worker’s compensation benefits by the University. What is particularly enlightening about this award was that it was more than what the individual demonstrators received from the University, the same ones who were pepper sprayed by Davis. Indeed, after attorney fees and costs, it is estimated that the individual Occupy members who were pepper sprayed by Davis each received about $30,000.

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