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Overtime Wages: $1.47M Settlement Is Another Warning To Employers

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2013 | Wage: Minimum Wage, Wage: Overtime |

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Agilysys, a California software company, thought it could avoid paying its employees overtime by incorrectly classifying them as exempt. The employees disagreed with Agilysys, called  qualified  wage and hour lawyers, and filed suit. In Jones et al v. Agilysys, Inc. et al, the employees claimed that Agilysys forced them to work over 12 hour days for more than seven consecutive days and even denied them a 30 minute break for a meal.  The employees believed that they were incorrectly classified as exempt from overtime pay and sued their employer for the back pay . Specifically, the complaint alleged that the employer refused to pay its misclassified Installation Specialists overtime compensation and premium wages, in violation of applicable federal and state laws. As alleged in lawsuit, the employees are “former Agilysys IS with the primary duty of performing onsite installation of Agilysys software and hardware for clients of Agilysys, who were misclassified as exempt from the overtime provisions of the”  Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). This law was enacted in part to prevent employers from failing to compensate employees for working above the 40 hour per week standard. The wage and hour division –a special division of the Department of Labor– enforces this important law and protects the rights of employees.

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Even though these regulations are in effect, the fact is, these types of things happen all the time, and not just in California. In tough economic times employers will try to find ways to save a quick buck and cut corners any way they can – but we can all agree that these cost saving measures should not come at the expense of their employees.

As a result of its unlawful conduct, the employer has now agreed to settle the overtime lawsuit by paying $1.47 million to the 127 former and present employees of Agilysys who were denied the pay they deserved. This settlement will go a long way in helping to right the wrong.

If you have been denied minimum wages or not paid time and a half for your overtime hours, or even think that you might need an employment lawyer, then call the right attorney to schedule a consultation at 866-797-6040. Spitz, The Employee’s Law Firm and its attorneys are experienced and dedicated to protecting employees’ wage rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Ohio wage law. The opportunity to meet directly with a wage and hour lawyer is just a phone call away. Your best choice is not to wait.


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