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The owners and operators of an apartment complex accused of discriminating against disabled renters with service animals recently agreed to pay $167,000 to settle the discrimination suit.

Rosewood Parks Apartments in Reno, Nevada allegedly used illegal fee structures and certification requirements that forced disabled residents with service animals to pay more than tenants without service animals, or be denied housing. The lawsuit alleged that Rosewood’s practices violated the Fair Housing Act (“FHA”).

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The Fair Housing Act requires owners of housing facilities to make reasonable exceptions or accommodations that give people with disabilities equal housing opportunities. For example, under the Fair Housing Act, a landlord with a “no pets” policy may be required to make an exception for an individual who is blind and lives with the assistance of a guide dog in the residence. As another example, the Fair Housing Act also requires landlords to allow tenants with disabilities to make reasonable modifications for access to private and common areas, although the landlord is not required to pay for such modifications.

The Rosewood lawsuit was filed in April 2012 after an undercover investigation by the Silver State Fair Housing Council used people posing as potential tenants to uncover the alleged discrimination. Among other things, the lawsuit alleged that Rosewood violated the Fair Housing Act by limiting individuals with service animals to a particular section of the apartment complex, imposing pet fees, requiring service animals to be licensed or certified; and barring companion or uncertified service dogs altogether. In connection with the $167,000 settlement, the defendants were ordered to develop new policies that do not discriminate against the disabled.

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