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Sexual Harassment: A Few Good Examples

On Behalf of | May 27, 2013 | Sexual Harassment |

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Former Dallas Fire-Rescue executive Leanne Siri sued the city for sexual harassment, discrimination and a hostile work environment in 2009. Siri alleged males employees, including supervisors, emailed her lewd photos and regularly referred to themselves as “pimps.” The Complaint alleged that the pervasive, severe, outrageous and obscene acts of discrimination, hostility, disrespect and harassment by her employers had the effect of slowly dismantling her reputation and her spirit. For example, the sexual harassment complaint pointed to the dissemination of several graphic photos, including one of “a woman completely naked with her legs spread,” that was displayed during an employee presentation. (Gee, I wonder who though that showing a naked woman projected on to a big screen was a good idea). The cases just settled for $390,000.

River Point Farms was charged by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) of allowing a male supervisor of relentlessly abusing and sexually harassing a female seasonal worker.  This included unwanted sexual comments, requests for sexual favors, comments that women are inferior to men.  To go even further, the supervisor told the woman that she should submit to beatings by her husband, who was also employed at River Point. (If you think that is sick, wait for this…)  Then, the supervisor repeatedly and publicly encouraged the woman’s husband to kill her.  So the husband did just that and was arrested.  This Mensa member of a manager then blamed the woman employee for causing her husband’s arrest and fired her.  The claim just settled for $150,000 (about 10 times her annual earnings) and other non-monetary consideration.

Lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio

Sexual harassment is real.  Woman should not have to endure this type of treatment.

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