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Wage & Hour: There Is No “But, We Had A Deal” Defense

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2013 | Wage: Minimum Wage, Wage: Overtime |

Our wage and hour attorneys have seen it many times before. We send a letter of representation and notice of wage and hour or overtime claims to an employer, who directly responds by saying, “We had a deal. [Name of the employee] knew what he/she was going to be paid.” The overtime provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Ohio Fair Labor Standards Act do not allow such agreement – even if they are in writing. Thus, an employer cannot get a non-exempt employee to agree as a condition of employment to be paid a flat rate no matter how many hours that employee works.

Here is a prime example of how this defense fails: In Harris v. Daniyal Enterprises LLC, an owner of several gas station companies was sued for because it paid 417 employees a flat rate –some of it in cash – for working an agreed upon number of hours, up to 80 hours per week. Shortly after the Court held that the owner would be personally liable, the case settled for $3 million and an additional $91,000 in penalties. The crazy thing is that this was – in my opinion – a good result for the employer, who had probably been doing this for years and was only subjected to a two year look back period. Indeed, it is likely that had he been paying properly for all of two year period, it would have likely cost him more than the $3 million settlement. On top of that, depending on how the settlement was structured, the employer may have significantly reduced his payroll tax liability by paying a settlement instead of the wages as they accrued. Even more so, the employer got the interest on $3 million for over two years. So if the employers that get caught can think they still did better, think about all the employers that are getting away with it.

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