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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, makes it unlawful for employers to discriminate based on an employee’s pregnancy. As pregnancy and maternity leave employment discrimination attorneys, we have seen employers try many excuses to get out of pregnancy and maternity leave discrimination cases, only to fail.  As a sampling of pregnancy and maternity leave discrimination excuses, take these rather lame employer excuses:

  • “Before [the applicant] accepted the job offer, on or around January 6, 2011, she e-mailed the [employer law firm’s] business manager to inquire about the company’s maternity leave policy, among other things.  In the same e-mail, [the applicant] informed the business manager that she was six months’ pregnant.  Later that same day, [law firm] e-mailed [the applicant] and rescinded its job offer [claiming the position was no longer needed]… The company continued to advertise for the same position and, within three months, hired two associates who were not pregnant.”
  • The employer fired the employee because “the baby is taking its toll on you.”
  • The employer “insisted that maternity leave should only be a couple of days so a temporary replacement was not necessary. … [The pregnant employee] informed the [the employer] she would be having the baby by Cesarean section and would not even be able to drive for several weeks afterward. [The employer] suggested she have her husband drive her to work.”
  • “[The employer] could not allow her to continue to work as a housekeeper because of the potential harm to the development of her baby.”
  • “[The employer] the restaurant told the employees that their pregnancies caused them to be a liability to the company.”

Employers cannot discriminate against women because of pregnancy or the need to take maternity leave. No matter the excuse, our employment discrimination lawyers are here to help you.

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