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Workplace Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination

Standing Up To Employers Who Discriminate

Employers may make hiring and employment decisions based on many factors, but they are not allowed to make such decisions based on certain protected characteristics such as race, religion, age and sexual orientation. Doing so is an act of discrimination.

If you have faced employment discrimination, the attorneys at Spitz, The Employee’s Law Firm, are here to stand up for your rights. We are passionate advocates for employees facing discrimination and other unlawful employment practices throughout Ohio.

Were You Discriminated Against?

Workplace discrimination takes many forms. You may have a discrimination claim if you have been treated differently at work due to your:

  • Age: Employees over 40 are protected from discrimination based on age.
  • Race: Skin color should have no impact on hiring and employment practices.
  • National origin: No matter what your national origin is, you have the right to work in the U.S.
  • Religion: Your religious practices and beliefs should have no bearing on your employment.
  • Gender: Sadly, discrimination based on gender still persists in Ohio workplaces.
  • Sexual orientation: We protect the rights of people who have been discriminated due to their sexual orientation and transgender status.
  • Pregnancy: Employees who become pregnant are protected from being fired or demoted.
  • Disability: Your employer may not fire you due to your disability status and must provide reasonable accommodations so you can perform your job duties.
  • Military status: Military service members must be allowed time off for active duty and deployment.

If your employer took action against you due to one of these protected characteristics, you may have a valid claim. Unlawful actions may include hiring, firing, promoting, giving raises and giving work assignments. Discrimination can also come in the form of creating a hostile work environment, such as when racially insensitive jokes are allowed to persist.

We understand the emotional and financial turmoil that workplace discrimination can cause. It can cost you a position, a promotion, a raise, and the confidence that comes with being valued and given an even playing field to compete on. Our lawyers will aggressively fight for your rights in this matter, helping to restore what you have lost while holding your employer accountable for its cruel and unfair actions.

Making Ohio A Better Place To Work For Everyone

Legal action has the power to change attitudes and policies. By perusing a discrimination claim, you are not only protecting your own interests but also helping to make Ohio a better place for everyone to work. We are here to help you achieve both of these critical objectives.

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