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We live in a free society where who you are as a person shouldn’t be held against you. Employers especially have a duty to treat people with fairness, regardless of their race, age, religion, orientation or background.

At Spitz, The Employee’s Law Firm, we’ve made it our mission to fight for the rights of Ohio residents who are facing discrimination in the workplace. If you are being discriminated against for any of the following reasons, our Cleveland- and Beachwood-area employment attorneys want to help.

Some of the employment law issues we handle include:

The only thing you should be judged for in the workplace is your performance. If you believe you’re being treated differently at your workplace for anything other than the merit of your work, our Cleveland employment attorneys want to assist you.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Employment Law

How do I know if I was wrongfully terminated in Ohio?

In Ohio, employment is at will, meaning your employer can terminate you whenever they choose – and without a valid reason. However, there are still certain instances where termination is illegal.

You may have been wrongfully terminated if:

  • Your termination violated public policy
  • Your termination was an act of retaliation
  • Your termination was based on your protected status

If your termination occurred for one of these reasons, you will want to contact a Cleveland employment law attorney right away.

If my employer is not providing me with the benefits I need, what are my rights?

While Ohio employers are not required to provide employees with specific benefits, those that do must deliver on their promise. When they fail to, employees have the right to hold them legally accountable and should consult an employment lawyer to explore their options for doing so.

Am I protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) if I need to take time off due to an illness?

Ohio employees are protected by the FMLA if they need to take time off work to attend to personal medical issues or a family member’s medical issues. Your employer cannot terminate you for taking this leave, and you have the right to resume your job afterward. However, your employer does not have to offer you paid leave when you need time off for medical reasons.

I’m being paid unfairly. Do I have an Equal Pay Act (EPA) claim?

Not all employees who are paid unfairly have viable EPA claims. EPA claims specifically address pay disparities due to matters of identity; when employees are paid less than their colleagues because of their identity, they have grounds to file one, so long as they have similar duties (that require similar skills) to those who are paid more. Because EPA claims are complex and high-stakes, employees who file them should seek a lawyer’s help.

I blew the whistle on my employer and now they’re retaliating against me. What can I do?

Ohio employers cannot fire employees who expose their wrongdoing. If employees are adversely affected by whistleblowing – for instance, if their pay is docked, or if they are demoted, reassigned, suspended or terminated – they will want to partner with a Cleveland employment law attorney to file a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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Our law office in Beachwood is conveniently located off I-271 and Richmond Road. The building has free, private parking in our attached lot. Nearby are several familiar landmarks and appealing attractions to visit. These include:

We can meet with you in one of several ways. You can speak with an employment lawyer over the phone, virtually or in person. No matter which method you choose, we look forward to meeting you.

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