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Interview questions and answers:

The attorneys at Spitz truly care about their clients. When I learned how much they do to help employees, I knew that I was joining the best firm. My role aligns with their goals to help make a difference that is meaningful to our community.

I was blessed to work for a family-owned company that took pride in reimbursing tuition for college and promoting within. The company offered an annual scholarship to any employee who wanted to advance their education, so I applied for the scholarship, and the CEO awarded it to me. I used the funds towards my education in finance and accounting. The CFO then mentored me and developed my job skills which eventually lead to an opportunity to work in treasury services. My continued inspiration comes from wanting to enable others to become financially healthy and fiscally responsible.

No one deserves to be treated unfairly. If you work in an environment that is discriminatory, you must do what is in your best interest and protect yourself. It’s important to seek help, report facts, and bring direct evidence to the proper authorities. Let professionals use their knowledge to help you. If the problem goes unresolved, then try to find other employment immediately, so you can safely remove yourself from the situation.

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