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I would say the implementation/execution of the law is the most important aspect because legislation can make sure intricate laws, but it would not matter if it is not executed properly or implemented as it was meant to be intended. Words without action bear little to no meaning at all.

When I saw how the firm practiced what they preached to its clients. When it came to Employee’s welfare, Spitz makes sure that its own staffs well-being are taken care of. They make sure that you get the training you need to do your job well. Providing the best service can only be done if the best virtues of the firm are embodied in the work we do.

Attorney Christine Kidd! She has been a great attorney and mentor guiding me through the ins and outs of working with clients from start to finish. She makes sure that the client’s best interests are always the top priority. All in all, everyone in Spitz is amazing to work with because not only are they approachable, but they make sure that the firm is the best work place there is.

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