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Tanisha Baskin

Intake Coordinator

About Me
Interview questions and answers:

I love helping people. To be able to help them in such a difficult time, brings me tremendous joy. To be here at Spitz on a daily basis and see how hard the attorneys fight for their clients is amazing. I knew I made the right choice from day 1 when I walked in the building.

I enjoy working with the intake department. The intake department is the first line of people to speak to potential clients.

Spitz gives people the courage to fight back. No matter what job, salary or place you are in a company, Spitz will always handle your case with care and compassion. No matter if your the VP or the janitor.

One of my favorite memories of working with Spitz is speaking to a client about how we gave her back her power and she was not afraid of not speaking up against her former employer. The client stated that she felt hopeless and we motivated her with the help that received from us here at Spitz.

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