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Marvelo Andrin

Marvelo Andrin

Intake Specialist

About Me
Interview questions and answers:

I am blessed and lucky that I grew up in a small and conservative province here in the Philippines that during that time bullying seems don’t exist. I came from humble beginnings my childhood are full of fun memories. As I start working in BPO industry for almost a decade all people are supportive and we share common values in life. In terms of bullying I always believed that we have power to control who would we let in our safe space. If we notice red flags to a person we need to guard our self against it. So the culture of bullying won’t exist and progress.

For me the most important aspect of law is the common law it’s the fundamental law that we apply in our everyday lives.

To be represented by real people is more important because you can feel the relatability of the individual that represents you.

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