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Wendy Adcock

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Interview questions and answers:

Spitz Law Firm has great staff! Everyone here is easily accessible and open to questions while learning their systems during training. They train you well for the job you were hired for so that you can move into your position with confidence. Most office procedures can be found in a shared document or online video from previous training courses. Having office procedures in the absence of immediate help is a rare find sometimes.

Before I came to work for Spitz, I had spent a few years in insurance defense. Before that, I was in foreclosures and eviction. With these positions, I worked mostly for the insurance companies and banks. While still very rewarding positions, I find that dealing with real people is the most rewarding. The work is more personable because the client is someone you work with during the whole process giving you time to get to know them. This motivates me!

I had a position once where the office manager and lead paralegal were best friends. It was obvious in the office. The lead paralegal sat in on my interview, so she knew how much I asked for and essentially got to join their team. There was always a little discomfort in my position after having learned of their personal relationship. There was little to no training and no company policy outlining the employer/employee relationship. There was constant drama with the other people in the office once the manager and lead paralegal would leave and most of the comments were directed towards them. This created a hostile work environment that I could not thrive in.

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