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Attorney David Kramer

David Kramer

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David Kramer earned his bachelor’s degree in history from the Ohio State University (OSU) in 2017. David then attended the OSU Moritz College of Law, graduating with a Juris Doctorate in 2022. While in law school, David pursued numerous opportunities such as a legal externship for the Honorable Sarah D. Morrison of the Southern District of Ohio, a research assistantship focusing on employment law, an internship at Southeast Ohio Legal Services, and another internship at the Central Ohio Worker Center. After graduation, David received a grant from OSU to work as a law clerk at the Friedmann Firm. David is now happy to put his legal education and experience to good use through helping working people get justice at Spitz, the Employee's Law Firm.

About Me
Interview questions and answers:

Without going into too much personal detail about myself, I had a difficult childhood that instilled a strong sense of justice in me. Most of my clients come to me having suffered at the hands of petty people, who either hate my clients for who they are or see my clients as numbers on a ledger to be ground down for profit. I understand how that feels all too well. I see my job as being to make my clients as whole as possible, despite the broken system that we have to work within.

I went to law school to find out how to make a living by helping people. I come from a family that has been union-strong since our arrival in America, so helping the cause of worker’s rights is natural to me. In law school, I found out that employment law was a perfect fit. Through employment law, I am able to protect the civil rights of my clients, one person at a time.

My mother. I come from a single-parent family. My mother worked 50-60 hours a week while raising two boys to give us a chance to make something of our lives. While I went to law school for many reasons, the most important reason was to honor her and the sacrifices that she made for us. As the younger brother, my passing of the bar exam was the final step in a long journey that my mother began decades ago. While the road was long and hard, all of us made it in the end. Now, I have quite a few clients who are in the same situation my mother was in all those years ago. My clients have to provide for their families. They work long and hard hours under horrible conditions. Money is tight, not because my clients do not work hard, but because the boss is greedy. Then, one day, the boss unjustly fires them. Being able to help someone and their family when they are put in the type of situation my family was once in, well, it puts my soul at ease.


  • The Ohio State University Michael E. Moritz College of Law, Columbus, Ohio
    • J.D. - 2022
  • Ohio State University
    • Bachelor's Degree - 2017
    • Major: History

Past Positions

  • Honorable Sarah D. Morrison of the Southern District of Ohio
  • Southeast Ohio Legal Services
  • Central Ohio Worker Center
  • Friedmann Firm, Law Clerk
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