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Nicolas Gonzalez

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Nicolas M. Gonzalez has been practicing law for more than a decade. He worked in two different law firms and became a managing partner in one of them. During his time as an attorney Nicolas litigated and consulted in criminal, civil, labor, compliance, constitutional and asset forfeiture matters.

Nicolas has been a visiting law professor at two different universities, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, and for five years he served as a trainer for prosecutors, investigators and judges in criminal law.

He is also a published author writing chapters in two books dealing with compliance and criminal law.

About Me
Interview questions and answers:

I used to be a criminal defense attorney. It was always the power of the state against a lone citizen, so I loved fighting for the little guy. Employers are always the strong party in the relationship. Employment law is a way for employees to be treated fairly and get justice so I realized employment law is a way to keep fighting for the little guy.

The rules of procedure that allow claims from any citizen to be judged fairly while balancing any asymmetry of power between the parties. Not having an effective way to protect your rights is like having no rights.

For me every employee represents a person with a story to tell. A family, dreams, goals, mistakes regrets, rights, and feelings. Companies don’t feel guilt, regret, indignation or are left with a feeling of injustice. Helping a person impacts a life, representing a corporation impacts a balance sheet.


  • Rosario University, Bogota
    • J.D - 2013
  • Externado University, Bogota
    • LL.M - 2020
  • Externado University, Bogota, Colombia
    • Criminal Law and Criminology - 2015
  • Valencia International University, Valencia, Spain
    • Writing, Style and Creativity - 2021

Bar Admission

  • Colombia, 2013


  • Rosario University, Scholarship for the entirety of law school because of outstanding results in Colombia's SAT'S.
  • Rosario University, Exempt from the end of law school exams due to outstanding academic results.
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