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Why We Are The Right Attorneys

The Spitz Law Firm is a strictly employment law litigation firm. The Spitz Law Firm was founded in 2007 by Brian D. Spitz, who broke away from a large defense firm where he acted as lead counsel on numerous multi-million dollar claims, including those with over $50 million at issue. Brian knew that the practice of law was changing. The tough economy, the integration of the technology into all aspects of our lives, and increasing requirements for specialization in the law, to name a few, require a fresh look at how the practice of law needs to operate. While many attorneys and law firms are weary of change and are slow to evolve, the dedicated lawyers at The Spitz Law Firm know that former United States Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis was right when he said, “there are no shortcuts in evolution.” While other lawyers and law firms try to hold on tightly to the status quo, our employment attorneys are not only embracing change, but seeking out more productive ways to practice law and better serve our clients’ needs.

Everything starts with the quality of legal representation.

We always say, don’t leave your legal issues to chance. But, how can you know? We have been fortunate to have outside objective national organizations recognized our employment lawyers for the quality of work and the type of service that The Spitz Law Firm provides our employment litigation clients. The National Trial Lawyers Association has repeatedly selected Brian to its list of Top 100 Trial Lawyers based on his success in the Court and handling civil litigation matters. Brian was recognized in Newsweek Magazine as one of the Top 20 Leaders in Employment Law in the United States; as one of 30 Top Nationwide Attorneys; and most recently, as a Legal Superstar. Brian is also a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which is a select group of few attorneys that have claimed victory at trial in an amount over one million dollars. Not only Brian, but several of our attorneys have been recognized by Super Lawyers as rising start attorneys; and every employment attorney at The Spitz Law Firm has also been certified as Lead Counsel Rated by Law Info.

While awards are nice, the best recognition of the quality of our legal work is that our law firm has grown based on the strength of referrals from clients, judges, and other attorneys that have seen our lawyers’ work first hand and want us to represent them and their family members. Just as importantly, our attorneys have fought for executives, teachers, machinists, PRNs, restaurant staff, contractors, and police officers. The attorneys at The Spitz Law Firm provide the same level of service, energy and attention to every one of our clients.

A Singular Focus. Employees’ Rights.

We do one thing because we want to do that one thing really well. Our attorneys only represent employees dealing with employment law issues. That’s it. There are too many attorneys and firms that represent that they do everything and try to be everything. Why? Because to those lawyers, every case is business that they cannot afford to turn down. So, these attorneys become a jack of all trades but a master of none. These other attorneys say, “sure, I guess that we can do that type of case,” or “we can figure it out.”

Not our attorneys! At The Spitz Law Firm, we have a cause that we focus on – the rights of employees to work in a discrimination free, hostile free, and harassment free work environment. We don’t just take cases to have business. We focus only on employment law issues. Our attorneys are constantly reading about trends and new cases in employment law; and blogging about those employment law issues. We don’t have to figure it out as we go, because this is what we know, inside and out. And, we can afford to turn away non-employment cases because we are successful enough doing just employment cases. Because we care about protecting worker’s rights on the job, we do not dabble in injury cases, tax issues, criminal defense or divorces. When you schedule your free initial consultation, you will meet with an attorney that exclusively works on plaintiff-side employment litigation and knows those issues inside and out.

Size does matter.

Our growth as an employee dedicated firm has been unmatched. Growth is a reflection of good results and growing referrals from happy clients, judges, and even opposing counsel. Our size means that there are more attorneys to meet with, less wait time to see a skilled available attorney, and more resources. Because we file more employment litigation claims and lawsuits, we have more ongoing experience with current legal issues; are before the same judges more often; and have established relationships with many of the large employment defense firms, which means that we not only know their tendencies, but that they are less likely to try to pull shots knowing that they and their firms will have to deal with us regularly.

As part of our size and resources, The Spitz Law Firm has offices throughout Ohio to meet with clients. Click here for a list of our offices.

Passion and compassion are part of legal representation too.

Our employment litigation attorneys and lawyers believe in our cause to protect and fight for employees’ rights. We understand that this is more than just about your job. It is about what is right and wrong. It is about your dignity. And, it is about making sure that such conduct is stopped and those who are perpetrating it are held accountable. As we deal with these employment issues every day, we will not be surprised or skeptical by the horrible things that your boss, manager or supervisor is doing to you. Our attorneys will constantly being looking out for your best interest.

At The Spitz Law Firm, our attorneys believe in that archaic concept called honesty.

At many other smaller employment or general practice firms, you will be charged for your first consultation and then promised the world and stars so that you will keep sending in checks. Unlike these other attorneys or law firms that sell stories about unicorns and pots of gold at the end of rainbows to get contracts signed, we provide an honest evaluation of your legal situation for free. Our employment law attorneys will be honest with you. We don’t need the business bad enough to act like used car salesmen. But, if want to come in and get a good, fair understanding of your situation and legal rights, we are the employment lawyers for you.

You should be able to talk to your employment lawyer and find out what is happening in your case.

When there are developments in your case, our employment lawyers will let you know. If you have questions, we will answer them in plain English. If you want to meet with your employment lawyer, we will set it up. If you send an email, you will get a response within 24 hours. If you call when your employment attorney is not in, our staff will set up a mutually convenient telephone conference or in office meeting.

We are better than other lawyers, but we are not better than you.

Unfortunately, many lawyers and attorneys look down upon their clients, especially those that are not affluent. Not us. We see our clients as people who work hard for a paycheck that means a lot to them. You work hard to feed their families, and give them better lives. We know that you just want a fair chance to go to work and earn a living without being discriminated against or harassed. It does not matter to us if our clients make hundreds of thousands of dollars or live paycheck to paycheck earning minimum wage. We respect you. We work for you. And, we remember that this is a service industry.

But, in the end, the most important thing that can be said about The Spitz Law Firm and its employment law attorneys is this: our clients trust us, like the results that we get, and continue to refer their friends and family to us.

Call The Right Attorney.™

Our Legal Team

Lorenzo Washington

Lorenzo Washington is an associate attorney at The Spitz Law Firm, LLC. Lorenzo graduated from Ohio University with a degree in broadcast journalism. Because of Lorenzo's unique background in writing and communications, his transition and progression into the practice of law was natural. Lorenzo attended The Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University. During law school, Lorenzo was active in the Black Law Students Association; a Diversity and Inclusion Officer of the Student Bar Association; a Co-Counsel/Mentor to incoming first-year law students; and the DH of the 2016 OSU Law School Intramural Softball Championship team. Lorenzo is extremely passionate about fighting for the rights of underrepresented minorities-especially in the employment arena-and Lorenzo brought that drive with him when he joined The Spitz Law Firm.

Brian Spitz

Brian Spitz is the founding and managing attorney of The Spitz Law Firm, LLC. In 1997, Brian graduated from Case Western Reserve University with honors. In 2007, Brian took his passion for vigorously representing his clients and directed it into founding The Spitz Law Firm.

Fred Bean

Fred M. Bean is a Partner at The Spitz Law Firm, LLC. In 2010, Fred graduated from Case Western Reserve University with honors. While in law school, Fred gained extensive legal experience working at a local Cleveland law firm where he worked on personal injury, medical malpractice and employment law cases. Following law school, Fred joined The Spitz Law Firm where he has continued to represent clients in various areas of employment law.

Matthew Bruce

Matt is an associate at The Spitz Law Firm, LLC. In 2008, Matthew graduated from the University of Akron School of Law. For nearly a decade, Matthew has represented individuals, small businesses, and large corporations in various areas of law, including criminal defense, complex business litigation, and labor and employment.

Dan Dubow

Danny Dubow received his bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University in 2013, and his juris doctorate from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law in 2016. While in law school, Danny sought experiences helping others through clerking at the Franklin County Public Defender, and through work in a Criminal Defense Clinic. Danny also has experience working with Cleveland families through a clerkship with a local family law firm. Upon joining The Spitz Law Firm in 2017, Danny brought his dedication to fighting for others while focusing on employment issues.

Nicole Rode Riggins

Nikki Riggins graduated from Cleveland Marshall College of Law in 2017. There, Nikki worked as a research assistant for The Center for Health Law and Policy. Nikki was the Vice President of the Women's Law Student Association ("WLSA") for two years and the President of WLSA for one year. Nikki was a student clinician at The Community Advocacy Clinic where she assisted low income families with a variety of legal issues. Nikki received multiple awards for her community service including a Certificate of Achievement for Pro Bono Services from the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation and Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor. Nikki previously worked in the legal department at a Cleveland based reentry program where she assisted ex-offenders overcome legal barriers to obtaining gainful employment and living a crime free life. Most recently, Nikki joined the Spitz Law Firm to help fight employment discrimination.

Tina Scibona

Tina Scibona, a Northeast Ohio native, joined The Spitz Law Firm after several years in litigation practice in order to further he interest in helping people. Tina graduated from the University of Akron, magna cum laude, with a BA in Political Science with minors in Pre-Law and Theatre Arts.

Corinne Huntley

Corinne Huntley is an associate attorney at The Spitz Law Firm, LLC. In 2014, Corinne graduated cum laude from Notre Dame College with a degree in Political Science. Corinne graduated from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in 2017. While in law school, Corinne dedicated her time to taking courses that were socially conscious, as well as helping persons who could not afford legal help in the Civil Litigation Clinic. Corinne brings her passion for helping people to The Spitz Law Firm.

Denise Leskovec

Denise M. Leskovec received her bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University in 1996, and her juris doctorate from Cleveland State University in 2003. While attending law school at night, Denise assisted firefighters with labor and employment related issues at a local law firm. After law school, Denise compassionately represented clients needing to file consumer bankruptcy. Denise joined The Spitz Law Firm in 2017, bringing that experience and compassion with her.

Evan McFarland

Evan McFarland attended Wabash College for his bachelor’s degree in political science. He then attended Northern Kentucky University’s Salmon P. Chase College of Law for his juris doctor, where he graduated magna cum laude. While in law school, he was on the Northern Kentucky Law Review and was chairman for Chase Law’s Environmental Law Society. He also spent a semester-in-practice with his Ohio Limited Practice License representing criminal defendants in court for the Hamilton County Public Defender. Evan joined The Spitz Law Firm in 2017 to fight for employees and their rights.

Barry Murner

Barry is an associate at The Spitz Law Firm, LLC. In 1997, Barry graduated from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Upon graduation, Barry worked as an assistant prosecutor for two years. From 2000 to 2011, Barry transitioned to civil litigation working for two prominent law firms in the Cleveland area. From 2011-2017, Barry worked was a partner at a small local handling a variety of legal matters. Barry has been involved in extensive civil litigation and several jury trials during his career.

Christopher Wido

Christopher P. Wido is a partner at The Spitz Law Firm, LLC. Prior to attending Law School, Christopher served in the United States Air Force in Enid, Oklahoma. In 2013, Christopher graduated from The University of Akron School of Law with honors.

Kelly Wilson

Kelly L. Wilson is a partner at The Spitz Law Firm, LLC. In 2009, Kelly graduated from Cleveland Marshall College of Law with honors. While in law school, Kelly gained valuable legal experience working as a research assistant.

Nicholas Yanchar

Nicholas Yanchar, currently a paralegal for The Spitz Law Firm, received his bachelor’s degree from The University of Toledo in 2004, and his Juris Doctorate in 2011 Cum Laude, followed by his LL.M. in Gay Rights Law in 2012 from The Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Nicholas has a very interesting past, having passed the bar in the state of Oregon in 2012, where he practiced and managed his own firm alongside being a property manager. Then in 2016 he moved back to Cleveland, Ohio, his home, where he is now sitting for the Ohio Bar in 2018. Nicholas believes that being an attorney is only one part of his life, where he enjoys cooking and baking, working out and playing sports, and traveling to see the world. Nicholas strives to bring equality to the LGBTQ community in the state of Ohio, alongside The Spitz Law Firm, LLC.

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  • The use of the internet or this form for communication with the firm or any individual member of the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent through this form.